SHOTS FIRED | Darold Bien-Aime | FEB 21

7,936 black men died at the hands of gun violence in 2015. Enlightened Visions under the Creative Direction of TaNisha Fordham, in association with the Arizona Informant, sought out 28 black men to feature each day in the month of February, in a short form video series, as an ode to black men everywhere: defying the stereotypes, challenging adversities, and ultimately firing shots of love, passion, commitment to community and light, against tremendous odds. Each man featured in this series is unique, each has a story all his own: riveting and inspiring. “The Shots Fired Campaign,” is a beautiful display of 28, unarmed, black men firing shots.

Toure Masters - The Magic

Toure Masters is a 26 year old artist from Phoenix, Arizona. Heavily involved in his community, Masters displays his leadership skills and expresses is passion every chance he gets. Currently studying fashion at Phoenix college, he also is president of both the Naacp BSU & The Male Empowerment Net work. Toure Masters music is full of emotion. He has performed throughout the country let a lone all over his home state of Arizona.With an impressive word play, original flow, and a powerful and animated delivery, he easily separates himself from other rappers.




State Legislators Caucus Calls For Debt Collection Reform

State Legislators Caucus Calls For Debt Collection Reform

  By Charlene Crowell When many consumers think of billion-dollar industries, banks and Wall Street often come to mind. Yet there is another industry in the same lucrative league that affects more than 70 million consumers each year: debt collection. In recent years, debt collection has consistently topped the list of consumer complaints received by […]

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