23-Year-Old Doctoral Student Mobilizes Women Valley Wide

23-Year-Old Doctoral Student Mobilizes Women Valley Wide

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By Jaideen Cobb


Everyone has a story—abandonment, sexual assault, and substance abuse are incidents A. Margot Brisky faced early on in her life. Despite these events, Brisky beat the odds by building inner strength and confidence by practical and spiritual means.

“Every adverse situation I have experienced could have led to something even more unfortunate,” said Brisky

Today, 23-year-old Brisky is the founder of Discover Her Life Coaching, an organization that equips women of all ages to reach their potential through her four-phase curriculum, conferences, lectures and varies speaking engagements.

“Discover Her Life Coaching helps shift the narrative as we help women gain a true sense of themselves by learning to heal from adverse life situations, becoming empowered to take action in their lives, and tapping into their unique purposes. Women need to understand that they have the authority to take action in their own lives,” said Brisky.

At age 17-years-old Brisky attended Grand Canyon University where she graduated summa cum laude. Following, she completed her master’s degree and is now pursuing a doctoral program in organizational Leadership and behavioral health at GCU.

Brisky draws from her personal experience and her professional background to mobilize women at Discover Her Life Coaching Life Coaching. The program encourages its participants to practice self-reflection that later promote inner healing. Discover Her Life Coaching offers in-person and virtual coaching sessions to its participates.

According to Brisky the things keeping women from achieving their potential is entertaining bad self-image and a lack positive influences.

“Too many individuals have insecurities, lack positive support systems, and struggle to recognize their unique gifts,” said Brisky

Discover Her Life Coaching is a communal resource for women with the Valley. Brisky’s next conference will be held Nov. 18 visit the website for more information at Discoverher.org

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