A Conversation With Michael Powers

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"There are TWO types of people. Those who love Michael Powers’ music, and those who have not yet heard it!" - The Review susan scott photo

“There are TWO types of people. Those who love Michael Powers’ music, and those who have not yet heard it!” – The Review
susan scott photo

By Ariyanna Norman

AZI: If your music was food, what dish would it be and why?

MP: I think my music would be akin to a smorgasbord, a full buffet – it is designed to be eclectic in the truest sense of the word. A plate full of blues, jazz, and Spanish guitar, with a side dish of classical, funk and hip hop topped off with a slather of the Nawlins gospel sauce. Then for dessert I would say a dish of swing, be-bop, and progressive jazz!


AZI: What is playing/performing like? Why do you do it?

MP: It is the one of the best feelings in the world to be able to perform. I feel like I am the host of a house party, and I want to make sure everyone feels welcome in my ‘musical home’. I love to do it because I am able to communicate my love of the music, and even if for a brief moment, we can all share an uplifting feeling, a transcendence of our everyday lives, then I think it is all worth it! I truly love what I do, and that comes across in my playing. Maybe I can inspire someone to find something they love and be able to do it for a living!


AZI: Who would you love to work with and why?

MP: I would love the chance to work with Quincy Jones because he embodies excellence and class in his art, while being able to cross genres and be authentic in everything he touches. To be able to move from Count Basie to Michael Jackson without missing a beat? Wow! He makes that look easy. It isn’t! Bobby McFerrin would also be a dream collaboration. He is of the finest musicians I have ever heard or heard of. He has an unerring sense of pitch, rhythm and creativity. And he never forgets to have fun. Some artists that have passed on that I would have loved to work with are Miles Davis, Charlie Parker, Jaco Pastorious and Louis Armstrong.


AZI: What do you still hope to accomplish in your career?

MP: I just want to continue to be able to spread the power of jazz, and the power of positive energy thru my music. I have traveled many places on the planet. Still high on my bucket list are Brazil, Cuba, China and Africa. 2015 marks 30 years as a full time musician, and I am planning on a release of music this year to commemorate the anniversary. It will be my 15th CD and should be ready to go in July. In the meantime, please keep track of my music and performances at my website at http://michaelpowers music.com/ and on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/MichaelPowersMusic Thanks for the opportunity to be featured in your fine publication! Over the past four years I have been featured at many fine venues in Arizona, including a headlining spot at the Chandler Jazz Festival in 2014. I hope to become more well known in my adopted state of Arizona in 2015!




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