Anonymous Coffee Meet Ups Spark Inspirational YouTube Channel Sensation


Tara Swan gets ready to film her show as she sits in her dining room area. Her show Coffee with Tara is now a YouTube sensation.

Tara Swan gets ready to film her show as she sits in her dining room area. Her show Coffee with Tara is now a YouTube sensation.

By Jaideen Cobb

In most cases, young people use their social media accounts as a tool to communicate with others, post photos and share interests. With social media developing a cyber world of its own, former radio personality Tara Swan felt it’d be a perfect platform to share with her following – faith filled encouragement through videos, blogs, music and trendy fashion.

Within the comfort of her own home in Chandler, Swan sets up her studio where she films her online broadcast—Coffee with Tara. This online broadcast consists of a series of video memoirs directed and edited by Swan herself. While a majority of college graduates face many obstacles after commencement, this twenty-three-year-old Arizona State University grad gracefully handles the anxiety of finding her first professional job, networking and adulthood all while juggling her inspirational video series on YouTube.

Swan’s internet broadcast journey all began as a coffee meet up amongst social media friends. She began to meet with individuals at various coffee shops around the Valley with the intention of building plutonic relationships.

During the coffee meet ups, many of Swans new friends would share with her their extraordinary


experiences and journeys of great triumph, that she felt needed to be heard by others. Inspired by her coffee companions Swan started to share blog entries with her social media following. She states, “I wanted to use social media because it catches on like fire. Social media is current, it gets the word out and you can touch people from all over.”

The Coffee with Tara blog entries grew in popularity, and soon she landed a segment on KTGDS Arizona’s largest Christian internet broadcast. Swan shares, “It’s about people’s stories being heard and them getting healing through that and their stories inspiring other people.”

Recently, she resigned from her segments on KTGDS radio. She is detaching from the watchful eye of producers in order to fulfill her true creative desire. She shares, “I just want to make a difference; I want to change our generation. Everyone within our generation are on the same bandwagon. A lot of lost young adults that never reach their purpose, and get so defeated when there is any challenge.”

Nonetheless, Swan is taking her online presence to whole new heights by pursuing her own caliber of storytellers. “I’m going to keep finding people who are powerful and impactful and just shares their story and if no one tunes in and if just one viewer looks, I’m cool with that! I’m just doing what God put on my heart to do.” She is committed to her audience and the broadcast will continue to air on her website, where online viewers can witness stylish fashion tips, Christian worship, video broadcast and blogs.

Video broadcast, Coffee with Tara is more than just uplifting YouTube videos on some trendy webpage but an online sanctuary where others can share moments of vulnerability within the cyber community. Swan explains, “If you’re looking for something or you’re at that place in life where you are just hitting a wall and you’re getting no where and need something to uplift you or encourage you, come to my channel! If you want to experience God and see how good he is, come to my channel! It’s hard to filter what we watch and what we put into our lives. If you go on social media it’s filled with negative things that take a toll on us. I wanted to make something where people say ‘wow this is different for our generation.’”

Tara Swan is making a difference in nonconventional ways while catapulting her faith alongside the faith of others with each broadcast of Coffee with Tara.

You can find additional information about Tara Swan on her website and YouTube channel.

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