Black Dollars Matter Subject Of New Book

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James Clingman, one of the nation’s most prolific writers on economic empowerment for Black people, recently released his fifth book, Black Dollars Matter – Teach your dollars how to make more sense.

The book aptly describes the dominant-submissive relationship between economics and politics.

It contains stark and sometimes biting commentary, statistical data, and documented information, with thought provoking quotations sprinkled throughout.

Clingman says Black Dollars Matter is a searchlight to find solutions, a spotlight that illuminates the way forward, and an admonishment that we “Teach our dollars how to make more sense;” and it shows us how to do that.

Clingman has always believed in the priority of his message over the messenger. “I have no proprietary claim on most of what I write. My message is taken from the deep treasures of information left by many who have passed on,” he states. “I am just another in a long line of messengers.”

His widely acclaimed story, “Eavesdropping on the Elders,” (also produced as a play and television show) in his book, Black-O-Knowledge, Stuff we need to know, is exemplary of his strong appreciation for and belief in learning from the past, building on that knowledge, and devising solutions to build a better future.

Always one to advocate and work for the collective, with a track record of accomplishments under his belt, Clingman stays on his mission with his new book, which he says is his “Last Go-Round.”

He espouses practical easy-to-facilitate solutions to the economic and political problems facing Black people in America, and he continues to dedicate himself to initiating and participating in those solutions, rather than merely issuing self-serving and self-aggrandizing calls to the masses.

Black Dollars Matter is available at,, and Amazon Kindle eBooks.

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