Church of Christ At The Vineyard Presents Annual Pre-Anniversary Concert



Story written by Jacquelyn Darby

Each year the Church of Christ at the Vineyard holds its Annual Gospel Concert. The theme of this concert this year, “Come Let Us Worship the Lord in Song, “based in Col. 3:16. This annual gathering, led and organized by Arlene Bobo, Choir Director, of local and visiting choirs is a stirring celebration of gospel and traditional spirituals. The gospel music, holding true to our roots, is performed in a beautiful a”ca Pella style with the audience joining in with foot tapping and hand clapping.

Brother Austin Brabble III opened the program with the opening song, “Come Let Us Worship the Lord,,” with Ricky Anderson, facilitator, followed by a prayer to bless the program by Roger White. Tamika Walton, on behalf of host Church of Christ at the Vineyard, extended a warm welcome to members, guests, and visiting choirs. The youth group “Kids under Construction “led by Tamika Walton presented the first musical performance, followed by “Young Disciples” led by Sister Stephanie Jones. “ Genesis” led by Arlene Bobo, and Monique Washington, Assistant Choir Director, includes many members of the host church COC at the Vineyard, blessed with several inspiring gospel selections. The program continued with “Adoration” from Riverside, Calif. that brought the audience to its feet with several impressive performances.

The program continued with as everyone joined in with the congregational song, led by Lauren Kuykendal. “Harmony” directed by Arlene Bobo presented the next beautiful selections. The next highlight of the day, “Brothers with Soul” in a style reminiscent to musical group, led by Cory Crusoe, “Take 6” also brought the audience to its feet with a stirring soulful acapella performance, followed by another presentation by “Genesis.” Adoration, Voices in Praise, Imperial, Division Street all featured groups from California also blessed with more gospel performances.

Brother Jason Milligan offered remarks and great tribute to all the choirs and groups in performance on this special day and he expressed great appreciation to Arlene Bobo,for her hard work, dedication and her unwavering service and commitment. Arlene Bobo, graciously thanked the choirs for their performances and she also acknowledged many of the members for their selfless contributions to making the day a beautiful blessing.

The Grand Finale of the joint performance of all the combined groups, led by Arlene Bobo, featured a touching medley closing with a near perfect rendering of the gospel favorite, “Total Praise. J.T. Emerson offered closing acknowledgements and the final benediction. The occasion closed with a wonderful fellowship dinner prepared and served by the members.

Church of Christ at the Vineyard 6642 South 16th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85042 (602) 243-7426

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