Commission of African American Affairs And Secretary of State To Host Voter Town Hall to Focus on Faults of Recent Election

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Phoenix – By now, nearly everyone has heard about the problems that occurred during the Presidential Preference Elections (PPE) held March 22, in Arizona. During that election there was a lack of polling places in Maricopa County and thousands of voters waited in long lines for long hours to cast their vote.

After a legislative hearing at the Arizona State Capitol, lawsuits being filed in federal court and a handful of community forums, the Arizona Commission of African American Affairs will hold a Town Hall meeting on Monday April 25. The meeting will be held at the Historic Tanner Chapel AME Church located at 20 S. 8th Street in downtown Phoenix. The event will begin at 5:30 p.m.

“Voters in Maricopa County were not at all pleased with the way the process was handled during the PPE. The paltry number of polling places, the lack of information on locations of polling places and the voter registration issues incurred by our citizens must be addressed”, stated Reverend Benjamin Thomas, Sr., chairman of the Arizona Commission of African American Affairs. “We must stand up for the people of Arizona and listen to their cries”.

“I along with many others in Arizona were concerned that something like this would happen once Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act was removed. Since Arizona was one of the states that no longer required pre-clearance from the federal government, it happened here first,” stated Cloves Campbell, executive director of the Commission Of African American Affairs.

Secretary Of State Michelle Reagan will be on hand at the Town Hall to listen to the citizen complaints and suggestions. Her staff will compile notes, along with the African American Commission to assess the situation and hopefully provide constructive input to rectify the problems that upset thousands of county residents.

Since the elections, several elected officials have been outspoken about the problem including Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton. “This situation would be unacceptable anywhere in the United States and I am angry that county elections officials allowed it to happen in my city.”

Stanton has requested that US Attorney General Loretta Lynch investigate the circumstances surrounding the long lines and few polling places.

For more information on the Town Hall visit the Arizona Commission Of African American Affairs website at or call 602-542-5484.

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