DaVaun Sanders Super Heroes, Seeds To Inspire Youthful Reading

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DaVaun Sanders, author of The Seedbearing Prince, I and II.

DaVaun Sanders, author of The Seedbearing Prince, I and II.

By Michael Powell

When the muse urged DaVaun Sanders to become a writer, the author of The Seedbearing Prince I and II, chose a path less traveled by many African American novelists. Sanders did not choose to write about urban themes such as gangbangers or ballplayers or historical topics like slavery or civil rights. Through his books he explores the worlds of science fiction and epic fantasy. Sanders, a resident of Phoenix since 2002 says the local spoken word community fostered his passion to pursue writing novels and screenplays. He went on to say that “Having a hyper active imagination as a kid and being exposed to books and movies having that love for imagination and what could be…” guided him into the science fiction genre.

Sanders recalls, “The Seedbearing Prince began as a dream vivid enough to play like a movie trailer.” In the book the hero, “Dayn Ro’Halan is a farmer’s son sworn to a life of plowing on his home-world, Shard. After finding a lost artifact called a Seed, he’s thrust into an ancient conflict between voidwalkers of the hated world Thar’Kur, and Defenders from a floating fortress called the Ring. Dayn must become a Seedbearer and learn to use the Seed’s power to shape worlds before the entire World Belt is lost.”

Sanders recollects, “Deciding to write the debut novel took some time, as it wasn’t part of my life plan.” The housing market collapse forced his small design firm under in 2008. He decided to step away from architecture and plunge into writing, and being an independent publisher full-time.

A November 9, 2010 New York Times article: “Proficiency of Black Students Is Found to Be Far Lower Than Expected” stated “Only 12 percent of black fourth-grade boys are proficient in reading, compared with 38 percent of white boys…”

Perhaps Sanders’ tales of the extraordinary courage and valor of iconic Black superheroes will inspire and entertain our youth into resuming the lost habit of reading books. Parents and guardians are urged to help kids find books on subjects that interest them and encourage them to read.

The Seedbearing Prince: Part I has reached as high as #1 on Amazon’s genre lists for Science Fiction and Epic Fantasy and is a perennial favorite in the top 100 downloads.

Sanders’ screenplay Vault of Souls won the Grand Prize in Phoenix Comicon’s 2014 Short Script Competition and is currently being filmed.

Sanders’ most recent release is The Course of Blades, the third of six books in the World Breach series. Follow DaVaun on Twitter @davaunwrites or like him on Facebook: www.facebook.com/davaunsanders for updates and giveaways!

Log on to Amazon.com type DaVaun Sanders in the search bar to find and purchase his sagas.

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