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Modern Day Muse founder Ebone Johnson showing off a black leather skirt, Modern Day Muse T-Shirt and layered necklace.

Modern Day Muse founder Ebone Johnson showing off a black leather skirt, Modern Day Muse T-Shirt and layered necklace.

Story and photo by Jaideen Cobb

In a world that sells women insecurities as apposed to a positive self-image Valley fashionista Ebone Johnson is an anomaly in the fashion industry. She cultivates diversity, strength and confidence with her uniquely refurbished ready-to-wear apparel designs.

Early in life Johnson developed a desire to inspire individuals through fashion. She is the founder of online boutique, Modern Day Muse, which consists of items found at thrift stores that are refurbished and altered making each design original. Johnson over looks mainstream fashion norms that she says constrain consumers’ individuality.

She states, “I want to give my consumers something exciting – something to look forward to outside of the regular ways of shopping and approaching life.” In addition, her apparel line is hand picked and affordable. Johnson states, “There is no point in inspiring people if they can’t afford it.”

Muses is a term used in Johnson’s apparel brand that springs from ancient Greek mythology. The Greek believed goddesses inspired forms of literature, science and art. It was only fitting that Johnson’s brand embodied the message of women in accident Greek folklore.

Modern Day Muse represents Johnson’s vision of encouraging women to live unapologetically and to fulfill their purpose. Johnson shares, “We all know what our calling is very early. A lot of times life gets in the way and we go with what someone tells us we are good at. Whether that is to go to college or sticking to the family business.” She continues by stating, “…whatever is keeping you up at night journaling, cooking, baking, building furniture, making your community better or running for an office. If those kinds of things keep you up at night be purposeful in every single step that you take to get to that (purpose).

Johnson is an entrepreneur who influences art, life and fashion. She challenges others to step out to be first, be their best and to be different with out limitations. Believing that all women should live up to their own standard of beauty, Johnson states, “There should be nothing or no entity that tells you how to be you. Whatever your standard is, whoever you decide to be when you wake up in the morning is what your standard should be.”

Shop at Modern Day Muse online at You can also find more information about Ebone Johnson and her influence within art, life and fashion there.

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