Dr. Joel P. Martin To Host 9th Annual Positively Powerful Woman Awards

PPWStory courtesy of Positively Powerful Woman

Tempe – Triad West Inc., an Arizona-based corporation founded in 1997 by Dr. Joel P. Martin to provide corporations with specialist support in leadership development, diversity, inclusion and cultural competency, will be hosting the 9th Annual Positively Powerful Woman Awards Celebration Saturday evening June 25 in a new venue, at a new time and with a new program. This year’s awards will be held at the Halle Heart Museum in Tempe from 5:00 to 9 p.m. Borne from a passion for honoring exemplary culturally diverse women who are the very best in their fields, the Positively Powerful Awards are held every year to celebrate women leaders from the greater Phoenix and beyond.

“It continues to be my goal to have the preeminent event that shines the light on the women empowering our communities, organizations, nation and the causes that matter to them. These women deserve the spotlight to praise their accomplishments and the impact they make. I believe that when we single out and are inclusive in the selection of diverse women leaders who are the very best in their fields, like the 2016 honorees and the previous 41 Positively Powerful Woman Award recipients, we provide role models for other women to follow and align with the best practices for our increasingly global nation,” said Dr. Martin, founder of the Positively Powerful Woman Awards program.

“Through my decades of experience working with corporations and employees across the U.S. and internationally, I encountered too many women who didn’t consider themselves positively powerful, were thwarted in their quest for success, and did not realize how many extraordinary and selfless acts they do every day. I knew something had to be done to show them how important and crucial they are to business, technology, nonprofit, healthcare and other growing sectors, ” said Joel P. Martin, international trainer, speaker and coach. “From that need, I began to channel my own personal experiences and expertise to work with women and men who share my vision “to celebrate the accomplishments of women in ways that empower all people to live their dreams. That’s why I began the woman awards and leadership programs we have today.”

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