Greater Phoenix Urban League Supports Youth Development

Greater Phoenix Urban League Supports Youth Development

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Edited by Daniel Shaw

The Greater Phoenix Urban League has recently announced the start of a new yoGPUL-Mainuth workforce program. This program is set to begin on June 26th and will run until July 28th. This workforce program has many purposes but three include preparing youth with soft and hard workforce skills needed for workforce success, increased life skills training for the entire family and enhancement in students academic skills in math and technology and introducing this program introduces the youth participating to new careers in the STEM field. This is a very important program for the community as it provides many youth with opportunities that are not typically available to them.Participants in this program will be introduced to “soft skills” such as resume writing, dressing for success, office communication techniques, emotional intelligence, workplace survival and interviewing skills. Youth will attend classroom training then later be moved into worksites to put into practice the skills that were learned in the classrooms in a professional worksite setting.  The Greater Phoenix Urban League is answering the call of many students and parents who have been looking for a program such as this.  The students, parents and supervisors would like to thank the Greater Phoenix Urban League for their initiative in sponsoring this program and look forward to many more years of working with this program. For more information on this event contact the Greater Phoenix Urban League at 602-254-5611.

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