Have You Had Your Homeowners Insurance Policy Check-up?

home-and-content-insuranceWritten by Larry Jones

If you have not compared your current homeowners insurance policy in over a year, you could be paying too much. I checked mine because my premium kept going up every year, and I did not have any claims. I changed insurance companies and saved our family over $600 a year. I can help you and your family save money as well on your insurance!

In insurance terms a basic homeowners policy is a called a HO-3 Homeowners policy. It will cover the home or dwelling you live in. It should cover your home for perils like fire damage, water damage, theft of your personal property, and other things. All homeowners’ policies are not the same. Some will give you discounts if you add your auto policy with the insurance company. Some will give you discounts if you have not had any insurance claims in the last five years.

Homeowners polices here in Arizona are pretty reasonable overall if you have not had any recent claims. We don’t have some of the major perils like the rest of the country such as earthquakes, tornados, floods, major hail damage, hurricanes, and very strong winds – all we mostly have is heat! If you live California, Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Missouri, Oklahoma and other states, or live near the Coast, you can pay up to $3000 a year, or more for your homeowners policy because of the weather and the damage it can cause. If your roof is over 15 years old and is not a tile roof, you could pay more for insurance if is not replaced.

If you own nice jewelry like wedding rings, gold, diamonds, you will need a “jewelry rider” to cover those things in case they are lost or stolen. If you don’t have the jewelry rider the insurance company will pay you a basic amount for your things and they won’t be covered in full. These riders are not expensive to add to your policy. For instance if your toilet, or bathtub backed up and overflowed, and flooded your home would you be covered? If you had the “water back up sump pump coverage rider” you would be covered up to $10,000 worth of damage, if not, you may, or may not be covered depending on how your insurance policy is worded.

One last thing, never call your Insurance Company asking questions about damage to your home, unless you are ready to file a claim! If you call them about damage, asking questions, they will consider it a claim! Please, never do this and call me, Larry Jones instead! We have 16 years in the insurance business and a Presidents Club winner. We can help give you some peace of mind during unexpected moments! I am Larry C. Jones, your Independent Insurance Advisor, At Peace of Mind Insurance Group, we offer home, auto, commercial, renters, life insurance, dental & vision, Medicare and more. For all your insurance needs give us a call at 602-980-6057, our website is www.atpeaceofmind.com

P.S. If we can’t beat your current homeowners insurance premium, we will buy you lunch! Call us at   602-980-6057 to save today! No infinity groups please. Next time we will cover a business owner’s policy. Good luck and God Bless!

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