Iris Huey – Quadruple Threat

Iris Huey 2Written by Ariyanna Norman

In Iris Huey’s latest project, The Love Thing, audiences witness the culmination of her talents. She wrote, directed, produced and acted in the production. The Love Thing is an honest, yet comical play about relationships. It’s the first play she’s written; Iris has worked on several other films in the past.

“I enjoy creating films that are uplifting, inspiring, and encourage personal growth,” said Huey. Scratches, a film about a womanizer who changes his ways, won Best Short Film at the Black Film Festival. She wrote, directed, produced, and acted in that production also.

“Relationships are something I love talking about,” said Huey. The Love Thing gives the audience different perspectives and points of view on the dynamics of partnerships. There were special Valentine’s Day weekend-only performances in Tempe this past February. If you missed it then you missed out!

Right now, Huey is creating a following. She said she admires Tyler Perry’s business model, his plays were so successful that he already had an audience before his films made it into theaters. “I would like to be able to be in that position,” says Huey. Having a following gives you control over your art so that film distribution companies can’t take advantage of independent filmmakers.

In order to build her audience, Huey plans to take The Love Thing on tour to San Diego and Atlanta. Watch the play’s trailer at and read the accompanying review to find out more about the play. Huey is raising money to fund the tour’s travel expenses. To contribute go to:   Support Black artists.

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