Jesus Bread of Life Ministries Serves Homeless On Easter Sunday

Jesus Bread of Life Ministries Serves Homeless On Easter Sunday

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By Jacquelyn Darby

Jesus Bread of Life Ministries, led by founder, Apostle Linda and Pastor Fred Wilson ministered to the homeless and needy on Easter Sunday.

Jesus Ministries holds services at the corner of 11th Avenue and Hadley Road. They began their street ministry in 1989, and weekly since then, they pitch their tent, “The Canvas Cathedral” on the dirt lot. They fill it with folding chairs and Pastor Fred, Apostle Linda, and her supporters, Sister Terri, Sister Loretta, Sister Betty, and Mother Moxam greet all with love.

Apostle Linda Wilson is a powerful preacher, even if it’s in a tent. She proves you don’t need fancy surroundings to deliver the Word. Those gathered on that day received an inspiring message titled “The Tomb is Empty.” Pastor Fred provides the music and leads the group in song on the keyboards.

After the service, those attending received a full course Easter dinner including turkey, dressing, ham, fruit and desserts. The needs of the community are great, and this Easter they distributed those in attendance numerous clothes, shoes, socks, and other items donated by Walmart.

If you would like to assist with donations: Jesus Bread of Life Ministries, 1102 West Hadley, Phoenix, AZ 602-574-1939, Pastor Fred Wilson, Apostle Linda Wilson,

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