LaKiva Robinson Releases New Book

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That’s What I Thought is an incredibly entertaining book of candid self-expression written by LaKiva Robinson that contains short stories and poetry pieces for adults. This book can be defined as very diverse and refreshingly unique as it relates to subjects that everyone deals with: love, pain, pride, shame, etc.

Containing a good number of hand drawn sketches and imaginative poetry, this book is meant to provoke thought. This poetry books stands alone in its originality and induces emotions, sentiments, laughter, smiles and tears. but most of all it evokes conscious thought for the readers. Contemplation, wonder, enlightenment and meditation seem to be at the heart of this book.

The essence of LaKiva Robinson’s poetry is that it is a highly interesting, intro-perspective book meant to appeal to a wide demographic of readers. Whether the reader is passionate about poetry, just beginning to enjoy it, or cracking such a book open for the first time, That’s What I Thought offers a witty, clever, flawlessly written (yet simple) verbiage which all who pick it up can comprehend and relate to and apply their own personal interpretation.

Whether you’re at a midlife pause, a senior who’s seen it all, or a teen whose teenage years are coming to an end, That’s What I Thought will captivate you and provoke reflective thought. This book is not just for a single read, it can be read again and again in both high and low times. Upon reading the first few lines, it becomes apparent that this is not your parent’s poetry (nothing hum-drum about this book). That’s What I Thought is a book that is meant to be revisited, shared with many, and worn out.

The book is available on Amazon in two versions, full color and Kindle. It features varied types of poetry and short stories with more than 50 compelling pieces to take in and enjoy.

This book is a good read for late nights, early dawns, sunny days and rainy storms. LaKiva’s imagination, raw talent, and creative thoughts are all consistently expressed and communicated throughout That’s What I Thought. This is an addictive, hard to put down, read-straight-through kind of book that is definitely worthy of being shared.

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