Launching Your Story Financial

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Written by Shehara L. Smallwood

Shehara L. Smallwood

Shehara L. Smallwood

Last month I launched my own firm as a registered investment adviser. Many have asked, “Why branch out on your own?” Well, that’s a great question.

I made a calculated decision, after much prayer and reflection, to become a fee-only financial advisor and I took a fiduciary oath. Therefore, I am not compensated via commissions and I am client centered rather than product centered, which holds me accountable to truly operating in the best interests of my clients.

Twelve years ago, I changed careers from being an Electrical and Computer Engineer to becoming a financial services professional. My driving force behind the career change was the lack of financial literacy in schools. I wanted to be a part of the solution. In my journey towards the launch of my firm, I worked for the Annuities division of ING, a global financial institution, and as a financial advisor for Edward Jones, a full service brokerage firm. Each one of these experiences served as a catalyst and launching pad towards pursuing my own firm.

Your Story Financial was born, because I know that everyone has a financial success story they want to create. If you look at your financial story as a book, imagine your last chapter in that book. What would we read? How does that look? I help you get started at chapter one. I will help you “write” each chapter of your financial success story, one chapter at a time.

Your Story Financial, LLC offers fee-only financial planning and investment management services. At this time, I am specifically looking to help professional women between ages 30 – 50 years old. If you know a woman (married or single/kids or no kids) who could benefit from my services, please feel free to call 602-730-1160, email or visit

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