Local Rapper To Help Raise Money For Make A Wish

Local Rapper To Help Raise Money For Make A Wish

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By Louanna Faine


Hometown rapper Ali Tomineek is us partnering with the Peoria Sunrise Mountain High School student council to raise $10,000 for Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Tomineek, known for using his music to help the less fortunate, will use his album #FridayFlow to assist the fundraiser. Proceeds received for the pre-order of the album on May 5 will go to Sunrise Mountain High School student council to help in reaching their goal of $10,000.

The album that has been in the making for the past three years. Tomineek writes and produces all of his music. Born in Arizona, he started rapping along with filming and producing his first of many YouTube videos at the young age 13. He would donate the proceeds to less fortunate families around the holidays.

In his sophomore year of high school, Tomineek would promptly rap a verse on TV in front of the entire student body of Peoria High School every Monday morning during the video announcements for a segment called the “Monday Rap Madness.” The rap segment was moved to Friday and the title was shortened to the #FridayFlow. The popularity of #FridayFlow began to grow from the school to YouTube.

While investigating a hacking of his YouTube account, Tomineek learned that a group of fans across the world known as the “31 Squad” had been viewing his #FridayFlow’s year after year and those videos became their favorites. The Squad requested him to compile these past #FridayFlow’s into an album. The album contains 20 songs, all entirely produced by Tomineek himself and a collaboration track between two of the fastest rappers in the industry, Tomineek, and Futuristic.

“My definition of success is when you plant a seed, watch the seed grow. When it finally blooms you can teach others how to be successful. The best example of that is Cloves Campbell, Sr., shining a very bright light in our community and passing on a torch of success to his family. At the end you need to be you,” said Tomineek.

For more information on how to donate go to http://fridayflow thealbum.com/make-a-wish


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