Medicare Open Enrollment Ends December 7 Are you in the right plan for 2016?

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december7Guest Article By Larry Jones

Medicare Open Enrollment ends December 7 – are your benefits adequate for what you really need for 2016? You still have time to get proper Medicare coverage in the Phoenix metro area at no cost. Here in Arizona we have some of the best Medicare Advantage plans in the country. These plans include your hospital, doctor, medical, and prescription drugs all in one plan for no monthly premium for 2016 in the Phoenix Area. Almost sounds too good to be true, but it’s not!

Zero cost Medicare Advantage plans are available from Blue Cross & Blue Shield, Cigna, Health Net, Humana, and United Healthcare. These plans include low co-pays for your prescription drug medications. Please take advantage of one of these plans if you just have Original Medicare, which is your Red, White & Blue Card. It can help save you thousands if you go into the hospital or have a surgery in the near future.

As African Americans we eat more fried foods than most. Did you know if you have been diagnosed with diabetes, heart failure, or COPD there are Special Needs Plans “SNP” available to you at zero monthly premiums? These plans help cover more of your special needs with improved benefits with less out of pocket cost to you.

Other questions you should ask yourself, is my doctor in the insurance plans network still, many changes are planned for 2016. Are my medications still covered for 2016, and how much are the co-pays? Do I pay a co-pay to see my doctor or specialist? If I go into the hospital how much do I pay a day for my co-pay if I go into the hospital in 2016?

If you have any of these questions or others, or if you just turned 65 and are new to Medicare, or if you are losing your group coverage from an employer such as the city of Phoenix, ATT, Qwest or another employer –

Please feel free to contact me Larry C. Jones, At Peace of Mind Insurance Group, for a no cost Medicare checkup at your location. We will meet you at your home or wherever!

My contact info is Larry Jones, Phone 602-980-6057, our website is, email

We never charge a fee for our services, Medicare pays us. Don’t miss out for the 2016 Medicare, only five days left to enroll for 2016. Give us a call today before it’s too late!

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