New Comprehensive Integrative Medical Center Opens In Phoenix

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Global WellnessCare Centers, Inc. announces a new era in integrative health care that is not limited in scope of practice. GWCC has incorporated visions of the internationally-renowned doctors on its Medical Advisory Board ( Just like all the future GWCC-affiliated clinics nationwide, the first GWCC-affiliated clinic in downtown Phoenix, Arizona will provide comprehensive integrative care to all their patients!

Integrative medicine uses very diverse therapies from around the world and sometimes is referred to as “What-works Medicine”. There is considerable research backing the use of many of these therapies, comparable to the research backing allopathic western medicine. The goal of integrative treatment is always to remove all causes of an illness so that the human body can completely resolve that illness, rather than to just maintain the illness, as commonly is done in allopathic medicine. The integrative medical focus to resolving causation of disease can often prevent an illness from ever developing in the first place.

The practitioners in the Phoenix Downtown clinic will offer a combination of medical and naturopathic treatment to patients with diverse chronic conditions including but not limited to chronic pain, chronic fatigue, arthritis, cancer, Lyme disease, fibromyalgia, concussive head injury, autism, dementias, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and various cardiovascular conditions. For each patient treated, the goal will be to minimize the use of invasive procedures or pharmaceutical drugs.

GWCC’s Mission is to work with integrative wellness-care facilities and wellness-care programs worldwide that will resolve and prevent diseases, promote healthy lifestyle choices and improve each person’s ability to do their life’s work efficiently. Every healthcare practitioner in each GWCC-affiliated clinic will be trained and evaluated meticulously to provide the best quality health-related services at the most reasonable price possible. As GWCC discovers less expensive but comparably safe and comparably effective ways to help patients, it will encourage the practitioners to transition to those new ways.

The number of positive testimonials from patients using these comprehensive integrative approaches for treating their severe chronic diseases is amazing. There’s nothing more gratifying than to see hope restored in the faces of patients who have previously been told by allopathic doctors that there is no hope for their condition. But it is gratifying to see the sense of satisfaction in the integrative doctors and to see the smiles on the faces of corporate executives as they save healthcare expenditures for their self-insured companies while, at the same time, improving the happiness, health and productivity of their workforce!

The planned Grand Opening of the first GWCC-affiliated clinic at 1301 South 7th Avenue in Phoenix will be 6pm on September 28, but those individuals wanting to be seen as patients sooner than that date may call 602-595-9177 to schedule an appointment. If you want to attend the Grand Opening, please call or contact the clinic online soon to reserve a seat.

GWCC, bringing a better tomorrow in Phoenix.

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