Pastor Lelton Davis, Work While It’s Day Ministries, Release “No Retreat” Album

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Senior Pastor Lelton Davis (standing 2nd from right) with the No Retreat crew Lamar Maddox, Jesus Rose, King Littles, Miss Scripture, Tamarcus Mitchell, and Ricktisha Henry.

Senior Pastor Lelton Davis (standing 2nd from right) with the No Retreat crew Lamar Maddox, Jesus Rose, King Littles, Miss Scripture, Tamarcus Mitchell, and Ricktisha Henry.


Story written by Jacquelyn and Florence Darby

Senior Pastor Lelton Davis and Work While It’s Day Ministries achieved success with his two previous Christian rap albums, Modern Giants, and Retribution. Now Pastor Davis, producer, writer, and performer comes back strong with his third Christian rap album No Retreat. The album features 22 original cuts produced by Davis and Straight Raw Studios.

Pastor Davis assembled the No Retreat crew core performers including himself who performs and leads with his commanding voice, and Brother Lamar Maddox and King Littles, who both return with their commanding styles. The No Retreat crew also includes the dynamically lyrically and vocally gifted Jesus Rose, Miss Scripture, and Ricktisha Henry and Tamarcus Mitchell, each of them bringing their unique talents to the album.

The No Retreat release party was truly a day of celebration for Pastor Davis and the entire Work While It’s Day Ministry and the No Retreat crew. Many friends family and other supporters joined to show support for the greatly anticipated new album. The No Retreat crew, sporting their new “No Retreat” shirts entered the building with much fanfare, led by Pastor Lelton Davis. Many well-wishers came to the beautiful Elevate Christian Church to join in the celebration. Numerous artists such Soul Revival, Diga, and the Kingdom Dancers and the Fanatics also performed in honor of the occasion. Little SEMJA also impressed the audience with her rhyming skills.

The No Retreat crew put on an impressive performance of various selections from the newly released album that brought the crowd to their feet in praise and approval. Another highlight of the evening was when featured Pastor Davis and Lamar Maddox with a surprise performance of on Mother Florence Darby’s favorite songs, “What Can Your God Do?” from the Retribution album. The performance has everyone in building standing, clapping and shouting the words.

If Retribution, according to Pastor Davis, was a message to get back everything the devil stole from him, then No Retreat is an unwavering declaration to stand fast, no surrender, not backing down, no way. In No Retreat Davis does not rest on his laurels. He noted that this is not a remixed nor Retribution II. “You don’t hear repeats from the previous album. The album also reflects some interesting Caribbean, Neo-Soul influences throughout the album,” he adds.

No Retreat begins with a battle cry call to action. Pastor Davis asks, “Where my frontline soldiers at?” He continues the theme throughout the album with several different cuts, including Surrender, and I’m a Soldier.

He slows it down with Gotta Have Christ. Pastor Davis testifies a little bit in this one, telling the world what God did for him and how he got he got his own breakthrough. During another highlights of the album he brings it down with Brother Lamar, Tamarcus Mitchell, Jesus Rose, and Miss Scripture team up for a beautifully executed, “Be Thankful.” He turns next to “By Myself” with his strong word and lyrical contribution by Jesus Rose and Miss Scripture.

The album continues as Pastor Davis reminds, “Jesus is my best friend, Watch and Pray.” On track 12, he takes it up with “Everything Is A Blessing,” followed by Amazing Grace. On track 14 everyone comes together in the rendition of their signature song, “Work While It’s Day.”

On “Whole Different Warrior” King Littles does what King Littles does best – he puts the word out hard in this tight, fast moving shout out. Pastor Davis and Brother Lamar then team up, to turn it up with the in your face, “You Make Me Wanna.” Next Davis pushes it up further with “We Controversial. After the crescendo, Tamarcus, King Littles, Miss Scripture and Ricktisha Henry bring it down in down in the sophisticated, soulful, “Grateful.” What follows next is “Miss Scripture” who displays her lyrical expertise in the rhyme “I Got God.” Another highlight of the album is “All lives Matter,” a touching and reflective tribute to the innocent lives lost to police violence. The album concludes with an impassioned plea by Pastor Davis to “Come To Christ.”

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