Phoenix College Student Representatives Attend 108th NAACP Convention

Phoenix College Student Representatives Attend 108th NAACP Convention

One elected to National Youth Work Committee

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Two Phoenix College NAACP/BSU students and one alumnus attended the recent 108th NAACP Convention in Baltimore. Two attended as voting delegates and one as an alternate.

Chapter president Toure’ Masters concluded his second term as Region 1 Chair for the Youth and College Division and PC alumnus Francis Bermudez was re-elected as secretary for Region 1and was also elected to be a member of the National Youth Work Committee. The third student chapter treasurer, Richard Whatley, attended as a voting delegate.

The theme for the convention was “Steadfast and Immovable” and the keynote speakers addressed those traits of the NAACP in its fight for civil rights historically, currently, and for the future. Also, emphasized throughout the convention was the concept of connecting the dots, the merging of various organizations to engage in civic actions together for the same common goal.

The students attended the Youth and College Welcome, the Opening Public Mass Meeting, and during this meeting there was the unveiling of the Myrlie Evers-Williams wax figure, which was later placed next to the wax figure of her late husband Medgar Evers, along with figures of several other notable NAACP leaders.

The next day the students attended the Region I Youth & College Meeting with Phoenix College student NAACP president Toure’ Masters concluding his second term as chair for the Division, and Phoenix College alumnus Francis Bermudez re-elected as secretary for Region I and also elected to be a member of the National Youth Work Committee. The third student, college chapter treasurer Richard Whatley, was also in attendance. At this session, the students received a welcome and statement of their importance to the future of the organization from both Leon Russell and Derrick Johnson, the chairman and vice-chairman of the NAACP.

Phoenix College representative Frances Bermudez later made a very successful report on the earlier Youth and College Region I Session at the adult session. The student delegates also attended the Opening Plenary Session and Criminal Justice Panel Discussion followed by attending the student concurrent workshops which were offered. Lunch was at the Roy Wilkins Youth Luncheon. Later during the evening, the Youth and College Mass Meeting was held at which time numerous challenges and charges were presented to the Division. Most importantly was the charge for them to take the reins in the continued movement of the NAACP.

At the second Plenary Session they had the opportunity to review the organization’s 2017 Resolutions. They then attended the Clara Luper Youth & College Advisors Luncheon followed by various sessions which were offered.

The students found the 2017 NAACP Convention to be excellent and motivational, and it provided the opportunity for them to hear many excellent orators and leaders, such as Benjamin Todd Jealous, Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Rev. Dr. Roslyn M. Brock, Hon. Kamala Harris, Hon. Sheila Jackson, and the Hon. Tammy Duckworth. It also included the opportunity to experience great entertainment, visit the market place, and to engage in networking. Advisor Dr. Camilla Westenberg accompanied the students during their attendance at the convention.

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