Phoenix Job Corps Center Volunteers For Playground Makeover

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A job corps volunteer prepares the wrought iron fence for painting.

A job corps volunteer prepares the wrought iron fence for painting.

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Maintaining a facility like Child Crisis Arizona creates many demands. Child Crisis Arizona serves 8,000 vulnerable children and families annually. One area that needed some attention was the playground fencing for the pre-kindergarten area. Through weathering and wear and tear the fence was unsightly.

Always looking for ways to improve the facility through volunteers and contributions Barry McKeown, contacted Home Depot and a friend, Don Wood, an instructor of Phoenix Job Corps Center to see if they could help. One thing led to another and before you knew it Job Corps had lined up 25 student volunteers and three staff volunteers to be a part of the playground makeover.

Work Base Learning Coordinator Kristoffer Cox and 25 students from each of the nine Trades arrived ready to work. They began scraping; sanding and wiping clean the wrought iron fencing and then began the painstakingly painting of the fence. The students had a great time giving back to our community through their service. Once they were finished the Job Corps students stepped back to see what they had accomplished and a look of gratification came across each of their faces.

We can accomplish so much when we can come together as a community. We may never know the children that will be using the playground but in our hearts we will know we improved a child’s life in a small way. One of the volunteer students, Scarlet Lizahola from the Medical Assistant Program, said that it was hard work but she had fun with her fellow students and knows Child Crisis Arizona creates hope in the hearts of the community’s children and parents who need their support.

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