Phoenix, Valley Leaders Say Proposition 104 Will Transform Local Economy

Mike Sunnucks photo

Mike Sunnucks photo

PHOENIX NEWS — Mayor Greg Stanton and District 8 Councilwoman Kate Gallego are urging support for Proposition 104, saying expanded bus and light rail services will transform the Phoenix economy.

The proposition, on the August 25th Phoenix ballot, is an “all of the above” transportation plan. It will triple the existing 20 miles of light rail, expand bus service, improve 680 miles of streets, and develop a more effective biking and walking infrastructure. Kerwin Brown, president of the Black Chamber of Arizona believes these actions will lead to robust economic growth for Phoenix.

“Good roads and public transit allow employees to get to work and customers to shop at local establishments. Investing in infrastructure creates good-paying jobs, not only in construction but in planning, design, engineering, and technology sectors,” Brown said.

In addition to Brown, Proposition 104 also has the strong support of the Greater Phoenix Chamber, the Hispanic Chamber, the Green Chamber, and the Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce. Business leaders all across the Valley are declaring resounding support for the measure. They understand that Proposition 104 will stimulate an economic revitalization in Phoenix areas that need it.

Mayor Stanton is excited to bring transportation options to more Phoenicians. “With the federal government as our partner, my plan is to be breaking ground on South Central light rail by 2018!” said Stanton. Councilwoman Kate Gallego echoed this excitement, speaking to the comprehensive progress Proposition 104 will achieve.

“To attract the jobs we need, to connect students to educational hubs, to spur economic investment, and enable us to compete in the 21st century global economy, we need Proposition 104,” Gallego said.

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