Red Tie, Red Dress Affair Fights Domestic Violence

Red Tie, Red Dress Affair Fights Domestic Violence

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By AZI Staff Writer

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Last Saturday B.M.W. Entertainment partnered with Beyond the Hurt for their Red Tie and Red Dress Affair benefiting and supporting those that have been affected by domestic violence. There were over 400 people in attendance who all wore red in solidarity to stop domestic violence.

The evening began with a fashion show with seven local designers competing to win a grand prize of $1,000. Judging was based on originally and creativity.  The competition was keen and local designer Melinda James took home the cash prize for her designs “Lei Marie.” 18159838_515343558855357_372723261_o

Following the fashion show three dynamic speakers, Debbie Gentry, Deva Taylor, and Karista Harris, shared their inspiring stories of triumph over the tragedy of domestic violence. The event also included performances by Therosia Reynolds and Kalvin Jarvis.

“It was an amazing night bringing together inspiring stories, music, and fashion all to benefit such an important cause in our community, domestic violence,” said Harris.

Harold “HB” Branch and Louanna  “Real Talk ”  Faine brought their charming personalities to illuminate the facts and seriousness of how domestic violence has impacted so many people in the room. They also uplifted the crowd and reminded them how they are here to party with a purpose to stop domestic violence.

“It’s so good to see the people celebrate when dealing with an issue as serious as this. So often people get broken, but at the event, we celebrated all of those who are still standing and shining,” said Branch.

Faine, a domestic violence survivor herself, believes it’s important to not continue being a victim. “It was great to see so many people unite as one by wearing their red and representing what it truly means as a community to come together for a worthy cause,” said Faine.

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