Styling For Fall With Stylist Tai Beauchamp

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Stylist Tai Beauchamp (photo from her Facebook page)

Stylist Tai Beauchamp (photo from her Facebook page)

Written by Andrea “Aunni” Young

Style ambassador Tai Beauchamp, is a fashion and beauty expert, host for the TLC Cable Channel’s “Dare to Wear” TV show and a former O, The Oprah Magazine, Beauty editor. Tai recently launched “The Tai Life” on, an enterprise of Tai Life Media.

In an exclusive interview, Tai shared her fall/winter fashion predictions and gave tips on how to stay ‘on trend’ with glam styling techniques for faux fur, the basic black pencil skirt, ankle booties, and those summer white denim jeans.

Aunni: What fall trends are you most excited about?

Tai: You want something that is functional and that will make you feel really, really good. I am most excited about touches of fur, both faux and real. We are seeing faux fur, oversized cocoon jackets, we are seeing vests, and we’re seeing gilets.

Aunni: What boot styles are ‘on trend’ for women this fall/winter?

Tai: Ankle booties and booties are really in! We are seeing interesting heels: block heels, metal heels. It’s more about the details in the shoes we are seeing, booties in particular.

Aunni: What do you predict to be the most wearable trend this fall/winter?

Tai: Denim! It’s always really cool when we have a trend that is extremely wearable! Americans love denim, we live, we sleep in denim! The fact that denim is in, means that you can really kind of build around that. Throw your fur vest on with a pair of high waist, wide-legged jeans, and you are instantly ‘on trend.’

Aunni: You have talked about wearing white denim jeans after Labor Day. How can we pull this trend off?

Tai: Oh yes, totally! I think that means being a little bit of a rebel! When you pair white jeans with riding boots, or a pair of great contrasting ‘very fall’ chunky heels, or lug sole boots, and a great hat and maybe a textured mohair or a fur vest or something wool in texture, it looks super chic. I think it’s also another way to stand out. You want to make sure when you wear white after Labor Day, it is grounded with something that feels a little bit heavier. You don’t want to look like really should be on the beach in St. Tropez!

Aunni: How can we reinvent style with pinstriped bottoms and the basic black pencil skirt?

Tai: If you are going to wear pinstriped bottoms, wide-legged trousers, or a pencil skirt, you want to create juxtaposition; you don’t need pinstripes head to toe. That’s when you add a chunky knit sweater, or a blouse that has dolman sleeves, so it doesn’t look so tight.

Aunni: I loved the outfit you wearing in a recent Instagram photo of you in Bryant Park. The skirt, wow! The look was fabulous! Can you share more about what you were wearing?

Tai: Thank you! It’s actually a really great skirt. It’s an accordion style pleated skirt, but the detail on it takes it to another level. I paired it with a textured top that’s green and black, connecting dots and details, wearing the moto jacket on top of it. Again, it’s about self-expression. I also had a scarf wrapped on my head, and then I put the hat on top, having the scarf seen a little bit. My style is always evolving.

Aunni: What will be unique about your new media venture

Tai: will bring together stories, current events, comments, trends, topics, news and pop culture in fashion & beauty, in the spirit of what I believe empowers women. I really want women to understand that style is a tool and a resource to help them feel empowered. will be a destination for women to live and be fulfilled in their most empowered lifestyle.

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