The Love of Mine is Nine Reveals Triumph Of Single Father

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Phoenix resident, Robert L. West has emerged from difficulties including family dysfunction, prison life, broken relationships, poverty, and parenting challenges. West is a single father now raising nine children and his journey is described in the new book titled The Love of Mine is Nine – Robert L. West Shatters Fatherhood Odds.

Author Deb René Jackson writes about West’s life while purposefully weaving strong take away information on conquering family dysfunction throughout the book. Partnered with BNFocus 3D Publisher Jerry W. Graves, The Love of Mine is Nine was released on Father’s Day to encourage fathers to continue learning how to build strong families. Book pages reach out to various ages ranging from teens to grandparents raising children. Mothers raising sons will find key content in the book addressing the fatherless son void while daughters also identify the struggles of absentee fatherhood.

Writer Deb René conveys the value of communication needed to address the pain that family members face in dysfunction and provides specific ways to break away as told in West’s story. The author spares nothing and involves the ugliness of racism, addiction, and domestic violence in the book. She captures his childhood including suffering severe burns on his legs, watching his mother struggle through domestic abuse, and the emotional emptiness of a child not knowing his father.

Problems that teen parents, single parents, divorced parents, grandparents raising children, and even two parent households face are covered in the book. Insight is provided and linked to the encouraging testimony of single father, Robert L. West. Book goals include shattering the deadbeat dad myth that heavily marks many African American fathers.

Book excerpt: “The truth was mommy was gone and I had nine children to raise. This can’t be real. How many kids do we have? Over and over in my mind I was steaming and thinking how their mother refused to keep them for even a day. Going back and forth with the arguments and drama with her previous curse of addiction; I decided that was it; I am out and I would raise the children. Addiction is a curse; sex wasn’t holding anything together and love had died. My story is just beginning and my children will know their father cared. There are responsible fathers behind bars that want to support their children but face challenges with gaining employment. Many have underdeveloped skills to gain the much-needed jobs. This dilemma creates a cycle of returning to prison with little hope if more accessible community programs are not developed. My son was four years old when I went to prison.”

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