The Love Thing reviewed

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10881888_318086231721249_3227911472539391206_nWritten by Ariyanna Norman

The Love Thing is a sketch comedy about pursuing and maintaining romantic relationships. It addresses several topics, such as marriage counseling, first date jitters, and trying to change things about your partner. The show is hilarious because the situations are ridiculous and relatable at the same time. No matter what the problem, the couples in each skit come to find that honesty and communication from both partners are the best practices for a healthy relationship.

One skit in particular has an especially serious subject matter – spousal abuse. Two men are recounting horrible instances where their wives have called them stupid and worthless, along with several other insults. It’s a noteworthy skit because you rarely see depictions of spousal abuse where men are the victims. However, this issue was addressed with humor so it’s not clear whether or not the audience recognizes that these are signs of emotional and verbal abuse.*

Iris Huey wrote, directed and produced the play. She also performs in the show with an ensemble cast: April Rozier, Jessica Finch, Kathleen Tate, Billy Ramsey, Jumoke’ Farrow and Lavelle Claiborne. Every cast member gave a genuine performance and their comedic timing was spot on. The nature of the production allowed the audience to see each actor’s versatility; it was interesting to see them use different mannerisms to bring life to an assortment of characters. All seven actors were equally talented, which is a rare find.

Between skits, ‘90s R&B hits played while the props are moved. It’s a nice touch that adds warmth and keeps the tone of the show flowing. Single people and couples will equally enjoy this show.

*A woman told Huey after the show that this particular skit stuck with her and she became more cognizant of the way she treats her partner.

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