Tre’sor Fashion Event Swims In The Unique

IMG_9896Written by Renard Roberts

Photos by OD Harris

Grown and sexy is the best way to describe Friday night’s Tre’sor Swimwear fashion event at the Casablanca Lounge in Scottsdale. The event featured CeCe Peniston’s new swimwear line called Its Sew Unique.

The crowd was in awe of the outfits. They were both attention getting and out of the box. Along with SaAj Entertainment, CeCe partnered with Wisdom Soul to create a night to remember. There was also a special guest appearance by international superstar Adina Howard. Rashaan Houston was the event’s emcee. The majority of the crowd was 30 and up.

“Grown people like to dress up. When you have a fashion event, that is the perfect opportunity for us to show off our best, and show that we are still into style. Tonight fans of fashion dressed up, came out and were very interactive during the show. I’m really happy with how it’s going,” said Sherman Jordan, producer of SaAJ Entertainment.

CeCe Peniston certainly made a statement with her designs and captured the audience. Describing the swimwear, fashion model Sherita Moss said, “It’s sexy, it’s appealing, it’s that attention getting presence that is commanded at first sight. CeCe wanted us to bring that fierceness and sex appeal. She wanted to let everyone know that she’s not gone – she is still here making things happen. It was a blessing to be part of this experience.”

Being a top recording artist, CeCe has had experience at putting on great shows. She wanted fans to be entertained by her designs, but also wanted people to understand the meaning behind her swimwear.

“Tre’sor in French means treasure. What people think is trash, we think of as treasure. My fashion line Its Sew Unique takes things that are broken, pieces of jewelry or anything people have labeled as useless, and use it to create a beautiful and sexy bathing suit, said Peniston. “Tonight I wanted to make a statement but its what you say when you don’t say anything at all that is the most powerful. When a design can speak for itself and makes people happy, that is the best thing ever.”


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