Valley Rhythmic Artist Films Documentary For The New Year

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By Tay Franklin
Preston Keller, also known as PK The P.O.E.T, is a 23-year-old rhythmic poet who is sweeping the Valley with his energized poetic performances. During his journey as an independent artist in the Valley, Keller soon recognized the struggle of one trying to be a success in the entertainment industry. This realization led him to direct his own1 documentary project called Living Like the Birds, which features raw footage of the day-to-day life of an independent artist. Living Like the Birds, is a visual project that will inspire others to keep fighting for their dreams.
Keller intends to help others find their purpose and believes through his film, people will feel a conviction to fulfill their purpose, just like he did. He states, “Purpose is when you live to do what you were made to do. My purpose is working through the vibe – controlling the vibe and getting comfortable with being who you are. Purpose is to lead people to God, to the universe and to reconnect people with who they are.” With Living Like the Birds scheduled to hit local theaters in the new year, one can expect a visual collective of inspirational life narratives of local individuals who choose to pursue the ultimate reward life has to offer, “Purpose.”


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