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Edited by Daniel Shaw

This August, Western Maricopa Education Center (West-Mec) began its path through educating your new professionals of the future. This West-Mec campus, as well as many other campuses around the state, are education centers that provide career and technical educational opportunities. Dedicated students are given the opportunity to take their first steps toward the career path that they are most interested in. The West-MEC Southwest campus has offered its first students many career programs such as Medical Assisting, Pharmacy Technician, General Construction Technology, IT Security, and Energy and Industrial Technology.

Future medical professionals have been hard at work participating in fundraisers, volunteering to help their community and most importantly learning the skills of a Medical Assistant. Within the first semester of the school year, students learned many important aspects of the clinical and administrative work of medical assisting. Students spent time taking notes in the classroom

Medical student Mychelle Hughlett gives Latalia Johnson a intramuscular injection.

Medical student Mychelle Hughlett gives Latalia Johnson a intramuscular injection.

and doing hands on learning in their lab. The medical assisting program at West-MEC not only involves the learning environment of a classroom, but also a clinical based laboratory to simulate the work environment of the medical field. Through this, students learned how to properly take vitals such as blood pressure, pulse, temperature, respiratory, weight, and height. They worked with each other to practice how to properly treat and communicate with patients. With continuous practice, Medical Students were able to properly take all vitals in less than seven minutes! “If I was told of this in the beginning of the year I would have never thought I could do it. However with our teacher, we were all able to complete these challenges.” Madeline Trujillo, a first year medical student emphasized when asked about this challenge. After mastering the technique of taking vitals, medical students steadily moved onto injections. This was probably the toughest for students as most of the them were nervous to undertake this task. While at first students were uneasy, the class quickly overcame it, since they had hours of practice and training.

West- Mec is a school that offers students an opportunity to get a head start on life in a career path of their choice. At the West-MEC Southwest Campus, the medical assisting class has gained knowledge and experience of the requirements in becoming a medical professional. West-MEC’s future professionals can agree on being thankful for the opportunity they have been given to take the first steps into their career.


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