Women’s Touch Apparel Anniversary Show Sunday

Jenesis Lafocarde

Jenesis Lafocarde

Written by Jamie Barnes

A special gathering this Sunday in Phoenix will celebrate the three-year anniversary for fashion designer Jenesis Laforcarde, who founded Women’s Touch Apparel in 2012.

The celebration will start at 7 p.m. at Exclusivo Reception Hall located at 3464 W. Camelback Road. Tickets will be available at the door and student discounts can be applied. Local artists, celebrities and fashion industry professionals will be in attendance so be sure to dress accordingly. In the holiday spirit, proceeds from this event will be donated to Sojourner Center; a women and family shelter for victims of domestic violence.

“I am so excited that Woman’s Touch Apparel is celebrating its third year anniversary!” said Laforcarde. “We have the opportunity to showcase the entire brand in one night, teaming up with Arizona’s top hair and makeup artists to create one artistic show while helping our community in fighting domestic violence by partnering with Sojourner Center.”

When Laforcarde created Woman’s Touch Apparel, her mission focused on creating a brand that includes a meaningful message. Her vision for the clothing brand seeks to empower women across the nation, and includes a myriad of mantra’s like “Whole Lotta Woman,” “Estrogen Made Me Do It” and “Burn Your Bra.”

Even though she is only 22 years old, Laforcarde has been able to take the fashion industry in stride. This year alone, she has dominated runways locally and nationally, including New York’s Fashion Week in September, as well as Amber Rose’s Slut Walk in early October. Woman’s Touch Apparel is getting lots of recognition; the line is selling nationally as well as internationally.

“It feels so good too have a successful brand and be able to empower women which was the overall goal in the end,” said Laforcarde. “It’s cool to have a larger market to reach more women and men to have started a movement.”

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