300 Creators Will Each Receive $4,000 Monthly In Cash, Equity For Year To Create Content; Largest Transfer Of Value To Black Creators At One Time

(prnewswire) los Angeles – Triller, the global AI-powered short video and music discovery app, announced that it is awarding one year contracts to 300 leading Black social media creators who attend- ed the Oct. 20, debut of the new Triller conference series, Assembly for Black Creators. Following the success of the inaugural conference, made possible by the support of leading brands Hallmark Mahogany and Popeyes®, Triller sought to further provide sustainable opportunity and access to capital for Black creators in a meaningful way.

Each creator in the new program will earn $2,000 in fees and $2,000 in Triller company equity per month to create original short form content on the Triller app as well as Triller’s other social channels, beginning Jan. 1, 2022, for a period of 12 months. The financial pledge to creators, totaling $14 million, is believed to be the largest ever one time commitment of capital to Black creators.

“Triller and our partners are supporting Black creators as a way to deepen the pipeline of Black-created content and to ensure that Black creators have a seat at the table in the digital advertising revolution,” said Mahi de Silva, CEO of TrillerNet, parent company of Triller, Verzuz, TrillerVerz, Triller Fight Club, FITE and Amplify.ai. “The market opportunity for brands and advertising to tap into some of the most dynamic and culture setting creative talent is massive, and the brands that lean furthest into the Black creator economy will be the winners.”

The financial pledge was previewed by Triller executive chairman Bobby Sarnevesht during a live keynote session at the Oct. 20 conference entitled “The Power of Creative Integrity,” featuring Verzuz co-founder Swizz Beatz, Triller executive Bonin Bough and Sarnevesht. Popeyes® and Hallmark Mahogany are among the brands that are participating in the Assembly for Black Creators conference series.

“By funding creators at scale, we can build upon our strategy of empowering the Black creator community and create new integration opportunities for smart brands,” said Bonin Bough, Triller’s Chief Growth Officer, who has led the initiative for Triller. “We are excited to bring this new generation of creators into the Triller ecosystem and help them thrive.” The objective of Assembly for Black Creators is to empower Black creators and talent to deepen the pipeline of Black-owned content across entertainment, lifestyle, fashion, sports and other genres available to consumer brands for integration and advertising opportunities.

Black creators who attended the Assembly for Black Creators and are part of the funding program were invited based on their social media engagement, reach and leadership across key verticals.

Assembly for Black Creators featured Popeyes® and Hallmark Mahogany and other brands who provided creative briefs so that creators could begin shooting and editing original branded content in exchange for compensation immediately following the conference. The Assembly for Black Creators conference series will resume at the live inaugural Black Creator Conference to be held by Triller in the first half of 2022.

Brand managers and content creators meet in a virtual “Monetization Village,” working together to strategize, ideate and execute real-time social media campaigns. Through this collaboration, brands get immediate access to bespoke integrations, new audience exposure and possibilities for future collaboration with creators. The conference features breakout and training sessions focused on digital design, new creator tools, augmented reality, culture marketing, virality and trends and platform partnerships and brand building.

See assemblyforblackcreators.com for more information.

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