The vision program Black Student Union United is to assemble the Phoenix metro area high school and college BSU students and sponsors on a quarterly basis to continue to promote Black culture, leadership, political power and awareness, networking, community involvement and the goodwill of the student body and Black community on their campuses.

The dinner was provided by the rstaurant for all in attendance and attendees heard from some local eaders on the importance of net- working and leadership and staying connected and engaged in the BSU programs. Some of the speakers in attendance were: Norine Richard- son, retired City of Mesa magistrate; Stephen Carson, educator, coach and community activist; Cloves Campbell Jr., Arizona Informant publisher and former state representative; and OD Harris, Chandler City councilman.

It is the hope of Keasha Beach, president of BASE Arizona, that the students, parents and administrators will continue to acknowledge the importance and usefulness of the BSU organizations and continue to support their existence on school campuses.

BASE Arizona is a local nonprofit committed to empowering the black community through cultural events, education and economics. For more information on upcoming BSU United events and conferences, visit

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