Terry Clark is the proprietor of Khepera Koffee, a local coffee roaster in the metropolitan Phoenix area.

Clark, who has been involved in various businesses in Arizona, Charlotte, N.C., and Richmond, Va., established Khepera Koffee in December 2020. The company is described as a movement to serve the people with highest quality service, the highest quality products… and love.

Khepera, in Kemetic science, means “the one who creates himself” or “the one who originates from himself.” The business is about acknowledgment, appreciation and amplification of culture through “knowledge of self.”

“It is very important that people obtain knowledge of self,” said Clark, a Phoenix who attended high school and college in Arizona and also is a high school principal. “This is why it is our mission to immerse the culture into our business model.”

Clark continued: “The creation of Khepera Koffee was inspired by the historic and cultural significance of coffee. We are influenced by the voices in our community and by the knowledge passed down from our cultural ancestors. We believe in building excellent relationships with our community through exemplary customer service, education and great coffee. It is our mission to bridge the disconnection of community and culture through the shared experience of a great cup of coffee.”

Khepera Koffee uses premium coffee beans to create flavorful coffee beverages and packaged coffee products. The high quality coffee is roasted locally to promote a fresh coffee experience, whether having a custom beverage or making a cup of coffee at home.

Khepera Koffee with its Ethiopian House Blend also offers packed roasted mild, dark, decaffeinated and CBD infused coffee products.

“We are excited about venturing into opening our brick and mortar establishment this year in the Valley,” Clark said. “This establishment will be a reflection of the community that is symbolized through an expression of art, sound, language, style, culture, food and of course coffee.

Learn more and where to find the mobile unit at kheperakoffee.com.

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