By True Father Allah

According to Gary Owen, Jan. 30, 2022, was the best day of his life. You see, he was in rare form on stage at Stand Up Live in downtown Phoenix because his beloved Cincinnati Bengals had won the AFC championship in the NFL on that day and were headed to the Super Bowl. You would think it was the first time they ever did. Yet, for people in the crowd that were old enough to remember Boomer Esiason and Ickey Woods with his Ickey Shuffle led the Bengals to Super Bowl XXIII, in which they lost to Joe Montana and the San Francisco 49ers.

Owen’s elation on this day was overkill. But, as he said when he first came on the stage, he didn’t give a you-know-what this night.

With Owen’s stand up usually discussing his interracial marriage with his Black wife, this night was sure for some fireworks with their messy divorce played out in the media (mostly from her dragging his name through the mud as he has chosen to stay silent). However after getting past his enthusiasm for the invention that is the manscape device and not knowing the correct process of how to take gummy edibles much of his focus this night was on his strained relationship with his father.

The story included a hilarious retelling of a voicemail his father left for him after being disappointed he didn’t take him to a Reds game.

After Owen played the voicemail for T-Pain, T-Pain incorporated it into a banger of a song for Owen which he played to the delight of a tough crowd that enjoyed the jokes.

Owen engaged with the audience pitching questions, due to the laughs not being long enough. He ran out of material before his time was up. It wasn’t a bad call as you had one lady trying to solicit her mother to him and another grandmother that tried to shoot her shot.

All in all, Owen still has it. The audience just so happened to be lucky enough to be able to experience “the best night” of his life with him live. Not every fan of his can say that.

You can catch Owen’s special “Black Famous” on Showtime.

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