By Dee Ford Byas

The adage “Love is in the Air” rings true in 2022 with a new perspective on dating, communicating, and helping an often overlooked demographic find love.

Phoenix resident Nancy Uko, a family law attorney and relationship coach, is used to cross examining individuals in the courtroom. Now, she helps others question the way they go about finding love with an online dating club as she expands her interests with her matchmaking/dating business, The Highfliers LLC.

Launched on Valentine’s Day in 2021, in addition to online services, workshops and quarterly events are held in person.

Uko is planning the next workshop for April 2022, she said.

Helping single professionals, who long for a fresh start and new connections to find love, Uko has even geared her attention toward a somewhat forgotten group of individuals divorcees. She encourages them to find love and elevate the way they date by making lasting connections using technology based dating apps, the right tools including workshops and a deeper understanding of how to elevate the dating process.

Finding “perfect matches” are noted to follow becoming a member as participants are given compatibility questionnaires designed to focus on these theories: adult attachment, personality traits, love languages, elemental love styles, and core values.

Uko is said to have started her professional matchmaking/relationship business, The Highfliers, when she noticed divorcees’ continued interests in giving love another chance.

“As an Arizona attorney and now relationship coach I am finally able to bring to you a unique perspective on how to maintain healthy relationships and find the love that you deserve,” stated Uko, describing her online dating site. “Throughout my career, I have seen the good, bad and the ugly when it comes to relationships and just as ex-prosecutors make the best defense attorneys the same is true with me just with relationships.”

The divorce attorney’s perspective on healthy relationships include:

• Identifying red flags
• Being open
• Avoiding toxic partners
• Understanding your own needs

• Letting go of outside influences

• Setting appropriate boundaries

The Highfliers unites professional singles while increasing chances at finding “real love,” according to her web site. Singles are invited to discuss the “dos and the don’ts of maintaining a happy and healthy relationship,” by tuning into the Highflier’s YouTube channel (‘The- HighFliers) on Fridays for the divorce attorney’s perspective.

Check out Uko’s approach that includes her five step program to help members examine “layers of understanding and answer deeper questions,” which introduces a new way to date after divorce.

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