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When it’s bowl season during the end of the year, you think about college football. But there is about another type of bowl to take notice of: BOWLING. The game with a ball and 10 pins.

The Valley of the Sun has a group that has run a bowling league for more than 50 years. It is called the Fun Lovers Bowling League.

Each Wednesday approximately 50 bowlers participate in the group. They call Bowlero Desert Sky home (located at 7241 W. Indian School Road, in Phoenix). The group has a mix of men and women all avid bowlers.

The winners from the 2021 Fun Lovers Bowl are “Three Sistas”: JoJo Edmonds; Ann Poole; and Freda Park. These three champion bowlers are ready to take on new challengers this year.

“I enjoy the challenge and the opportunity to improv my bowling skills,” JoJo Edmonds said.

Freda Parks commented,” I have been bowling for over 40 years and have loved the game from day one. Bowling is a sport that lets you release stress and have fun all at the same time. It also allows you to meet people all over the world when participating in bowling tournaments.”

Ann Poole simply stated, “I give thanks to my mother… she started me bowling.”

The Wednesday bowlers enjoy music, food, drinks, and fun during the competition. The Fun Lovers Bowling League is sanctioned by the United States Bowling Congress. For more information contact at 623-846-2090.

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