General Plan 2050

The City of Tempe is beginning work on Tempe Tomorrow: General Plan 2050 (GP 2050.) A general plan is an overarching policy document for the City of Tempe that in- corporates the community’s vision for how the community grows over the next 30 years. All Arizona cities are required to have a general plan and update it every 10 years.

Recently, the Tempe City Council adopted its Public Involvement Plan for GP 2050. As part of that plan, the city is forming a Community Working Group to ensure inclusive community engagement.

The working group will include residents and business owners from different geographic areas of Tempe and embody diverse skills and backgrounds representing the larger community. The group will also guide and advise staff throughout the planning process.

Tempe Tomorrow: General Plan 2050 is an opportunity for residents to be a vital part of planning Tempe’s future. Obligations will include attending monthly meetings, open houses and serving as an ambassador for the plan (scheduled from August 2022 through May 2023). Before monthly meetings, commu- nity members will discuss General Plan 2050 with your friends, neigh- bors, and co-workers so that you can represent the community’s vision, aspirations, and input and serve as a liaison for your area. The Community Working Group will consist of about 20 people.

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