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As the primary election draws near and early ballots have been sent out, one thing remains clear. Many statewide candidates are once again ignoring how critical the Black vote is here in Arizona. Starting with the gubernatorial race all the way to close Congressional races, can- didates are not seeking the support from the Black community.

On the Democratic side of the Governor’s race, Katie Hobbs continues to dodge any questions on her poor treatment of Tolanya Adams, and the fact that she has lost a trial and an appeal. There is reason to believe that she plans to waste more taxpayer funds by appealing the second decision. Democrats would most likely do themselves well to distance themselves from Hobbs and support Marco Lopez.

On the Republican side, it is not a mystery that there is no attention given to Black voters since it happens every election cycle. Not one Repub- lican candidate for governor has even acknowledged the Black voters.

With that in mind, we will wait and see who rises from the pachyderm ashes.

Looking at the Democratic side of the Secretary of State race, Rep. Reginald Bolding is finding out that statewide contests require a lot of work. His opponent, Adrian Fontes, is slinging mud now; Bolding needs to react. After looking closely at this race. we are recommending Rep. Bolding.

On the Republican side, once again, there is total disrespect for Black voters as the candidates fight for the nod. We don’t recommend any of them.

The Attorney General race is full of candidates on both sides. As far as the Democrats are concerned, we think Kris Mayes is a solid candidate for the job. On the Republican side, we see that Rodney Glassman has flipped, again, and is a Republican this cycle.

As we turn to the Arizona Corporation Commission, Commissioner Sandra Kennedy is seeking re-election; we want her back in. Her avid support for the community in Randolph, Ariz., is what we need more of at the Corporation Commission. Kennedy will continue to fight for the citizens of Arizona.

Education is a hot topic here in Arizona. Our State has consistently ranked in the bottom 10 in funding for education.

Black Voters Are Still Being Ignored

Incumbent Kathy Hoffman has done an admirable job, so we like her in the position. On the other hand, Republican Tom Horne is running on an anti-Critical Race Theory platform. We believe he should get out of politics and go back home. He has never had much empathy for minorities and the older he gets, the worse he gets.

The race for the US Senate seat, held currently by Sen. Mark Kelly, has drawn a lot of interest on the Republican side. Newcomers and carpetbaggers are lining up to take a shot at the position.

Two things we do know about the Republican candidates. First, we are at least familiar with Mark Brnovich. Second, Blake Masters believes Black people are the cause of almost all gun violence in the Unit- ed States. Well, my grandmother toldmeIcouldbeafool,butnota damn fool! Neither of these candidates care about Black people.

We suggest going with the Democrat incumbent Mark Kelly.

We thought we would look at a couple of the Congressional races last. In District 1, on the Democratic side, we have young native Arizonan: Jevin Hodge. He ran an aggressive campaign in his quest to get on the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, which he lost by a scant 403 votes. We are tired of David Schweikert embarrassing the state of Arizona and we think his time has run out. We like Hodge to be elected the first Black Congressman in the history of Arizona.

In District 2, Tom O’Halleran should be re-elected. Rep. Walter Blackmon also is looking to be the first Black Congressman from Arizona. However, his pro-Trump rhetoric is not sitting well with Black folks in Arizona; and, some folks in his party just don’t want him there.

In Districts 3 and 4, we are recommending Rubén Gallego and Greg Stanton. Enough said!

We do not see any hope in District 5, as Andy Biggs has decided to support the Jan. 6 the insurrectionists. In District 6, no candidate on either side has stood out.

In District 7, incumbent Raul Grijalva gets the nod again.

District 8 is a no brainer. Debbie Lesko should be voted out immediately. I think we all agree that Paul Gosar should be gone; unfortunately, there is no opposition.

Whether you take our advice or not, please get out and vote. Your vote does matter.

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  1. Does not AZ have a restricting rule that must favor competitive elections? That is why it has a lot of competitive elections right. I also agree with you that the race for the Senate seat has drawn much interest on the Republican side. Carpetbaggers and newcomers are lining up to take a shot at the position.

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