Dear Friends of Liberia:

On July 26, 2023, Liberia will celebrate the 176th anniversary of its Independence. To celebrate this milestone, the Liberian Association of Arizona will join Liberians across the United States and around the globe in a day of thanksgiving and jubilation. An integral part of our celebration is a Gala Night scheduled for July 29, 2023 that will feature a number of activities including honoring individuals whose support for our community over the years has been steadfast. I am happy to report that our Executive Committee has selected you as one of your honorees. For planning purposes, please provide prompt feedback.

We are also using this event as a fundraiser. (See attached flyer and visit our website). The proceeds generated from this event will empower the Liberian Association of Arizona to fund special projects for our youths and community including scholarships and Community Center. To ensure this and, as a friend of Liberia, we have designated you a Patron for this event, and enclosed ticket(s) for your purchase at $50.00 per ticket. Please be advised that we are a 501-C tax exempt organization; thus, your donation is fully tax deductible. Please make your check payable to the Liberian Association of Arizona and mail it to the above address.

Now a bit of history. Liberia was founded in the 1820s as an Asylum for freed American slaves. It became the first Independent Republic in Africa on July 26, 1847. It reached another milestone in 2005 when it democratically elected Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf as the first female President in the history of Africa. Visit our website for additional tidbits and join us for an evening of fun and entertainment, all for a good cause.

If this letter engenders any questions, I will avail myself to answer them or you may contact anyone on the enclosed flyer. Thanks in advance for your support. We look forward to your presence at our celebration.


Steve Bolay
President, Liberian Association of Arizona
Phone: 602-367-5881

Cc: Dr. Bob Sherman
President Emeritus, Liberian Association of Arizona (LAA)

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