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Cloves C. Campbell Jr. has since taken over as publisher for the paper. In fact, he is considered a pioneer of Black leadership who continues to share informational and uplifting stories surrounding the Black community today. Arizona PBS spoke with Mr. Campbell about his accomplishments and why Black representation matters.

Arizona PBS: As the current owner and publisher of the Arizona Informant, what are you doing to ensure that Black history is kept alive in our community?

Cloves Campbell: If you look at our newspaper, our motto has always been that ‘We record Black history every week.’ 98% of the news you read in our publication, you probably won’t read anywhere else. Our goal is to highlight the achievements and accomplishments of the African-American community and make sure we can find those stories — find those individuals — that are doing positive things.

AZPBS: Thinking about the Black Lives Matter movement and the national political climate, do you believe that the Black community is marginalized?

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At 12 years old, Nupol Kiazolu led her first protest in the aftermath of Trayvon Martin’s murder. Kiazolu wore a black hoodie to school with the words “Do I look suspicious?” 

“Me being a young Black person in America and seeing that happen to Trayvon, and also having five younger brothers, that could have been any one of us,” she said in an interview with Teen Vogue. “If I lost someone in that horrific way, I would want someone to stand up for my family member…..”

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Barack Obama gave listeners a deeper look into his childhood and people were surprised to learn just how rough the former president could get on the blacktop.

In the latest episode of Renegades: Born in the USA, a new Spotify podcast co-hosted by Bruce Springsteen and Obama, the 59-year-old recalls a high school memory that left his friend with a broken nose after calling him a racial slur.

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COMMENTARY: When Workers Get a Break?

Many of those working, especially in meat packing, manufacturing, and most service occupations, don’t have the luxury to physically distance at work. Some of these folk earn appallingly low wages, in some cases hovering near the $7.25 minimum, the same rate it has been for more than a decade. To be sure, minimum wages are higher in some cities and states, with the District of Columbia, San Francisco, and Seattle establishing a $15 minimum. Other jurisdictions have passed legislation gradually moving the wage to $15….

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PRESS ROOM: House to Vote on George Floyd Justice in Policing Act

“Never again should an unarmed individual be murdered or brutalized by someone who is supposed to serve and protect them. Never again should a family have to turn on the TV and watch the murder of their loved one over and over again,” said Congresswoman Karen Bass (D-Calif.). “Never again should the world be subject to witnessing what we saw happen to George Floyd in the streets in Minnesota…..”

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